Research And Markets: German Video-on-demand Forecast 2014-2019 : Market Insights, Scenarios, And Key Data – Corporate Version – Yahoo Finance

The German VOD market will soon gain rapid momentum and increase 175% in revenue volume by 2019 With 750M EUR in revenue, the market will undergo a paradigm shift from physical to digital in terms of turnover, and another paradigm shift from owning to streaming media. S-VOD & A-VOD will become the key drivers for this economy with a combined market share of 80% in 2019. German video-on-demand market is finally moving out of its technological niche towards the mass market that will enhance the perception of digital video, video distribution, windowing, analytics and advertising revenue opportunities in the next years. According to new study Video-on-demand Forecast 2019, video-on-demand is about to enter the mass market in Germany due to the devices and bandwidths available. Furthermore, the number of VOD providers is growing continuously. This extensive study examines how the VOD market in Germany will develop by 2019. Which providers are in the market, which business models exist, and what are their sales potentials? The study analyses various VOD segments such as T-VOD, S-VOD, DtO and A-VOD. Furthermore, this report provides three scenarios which describe the VOD development in Germany by 2019. Besides market analyses, development scenarios and forecasts, the study also contains an exclusive user survey. This corporate version of this report contains 130 PDF slides, plus a market intelligence database/Excel module which provides the following: Three pre-defined, dynamic VOD market model scenarios based on an internal database Significant market variables, curve functions and growth impulses Customized to your company’s needs, you can develop user-defined scenarios Create dynamic diagrams, charts, dashboards and timelines Export your market reports in XML, CSV, PASW/SPSS, PDF and Pivot formats Key Topics Covered: Technical device base in Germany/penetration rates (PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Devices) Pricing (trend of prices of T-VoD/DtO) Billing models Sales A-VoD and forecast by 2019 YouTube market share


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